The problems and solutions of drugs and alcohol abuse


Drugs and alcohol abuse are major problems in the world today. Many people, especially the youth, are affected by addiction and its consequences. Many people do not understand that drug and alcohol abuse is a public health problem that should be treated as any other ailment. Instead, addicts are often considered as societal outcasts. It is important to understand the causes of alcohol and drug abuse and their impacts in order to find appropriate solutions. These are the problems and solutions of drugs and alcohol abuse:

Causes of drugs and alcohol abuse

Financial hardships

Many people resort to drugs and alcohol due to financial hardships. Research has shown that people from poor neighborhoods are often vulnerable to drugs and alcohol abuse due to lack of money to meet their daily needs. Individuals from poor households can also find it difficult to pursue their goals and dreams due to lack of money. This could, in turn, lead to hopelessness and hence drugs and alcohol abuse.


Marital strife

Problems in marriage can result in stress which typically drives the affected spouses toward alcoholism and drug abuse. Closely related to marital strife is the end of a relationship which results in heartbreak. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol to nurse a heartbreak and get past a broken relationship.

History of abuse

Individuals that have been sexually or emotionally abused may turn to drugs and alcohol to forget their pasts. The cycle of substance abuse can continue as long as the victim does not seek professional help to get past the incident.

loss of a loved one

The loss of a loved one can result in drug addiction and alcoholism. It is not always easy to get over the death of a loved one, and some people find it impossible to move on. Drug and alcohol abuse may seem to the like ideal solutions. Drugs and alcohol abuse can lead to the breakdown of marriages, job loss, financial hardship, and diseases. They can also lead to a life of crime.ghfgfghfghfghgfh

Solutions to drugs and alcohol abuse

Rehab center

Individual addicted to drugs and alcohol can be taken to rehabilitation centers to overcome their health problems. Rehabs help addicts to overcome drug and alcohol dependence and get clean.

Strong support network

A strong support network ensures that recovering addicts do not slide back to their old habits. It is essential for them to surround themselves with people that understand and support them.

Dealing with the past

Dealing with the past to move on is important. Holding on to the past can be the source of great pain which eventually drives one to drugs and alcohol abuse. It is important for abuse victims to confront their pasts and move on.



These are some of the problems and solutions of drugs and alcohol abuse. Recognizing that addiction is a health issue is a key to finding lasting solutions to drugs and alcohol abuse challenges.

Looking To Buy Patio Furniture? – Keep In Mind These Factors

45677yutyrtThe patio is one of the most important parts of your house. It is a place that people usually see first when coming to visit you. It is also a place where you can entertain your guests, as well as enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air. Also, a patio can also substantially add to the value of your house, in case you want to sell it at a later date.

It is exactly because of these reasons you should approach designing your patio with care and high attention to detail. Of course, among the most important elements of your patio will be the furniture you plan to place. Choosing the right patio furniture will certainly enhance the looks and value of your patio. Therefore, make sure to choose wisely. To make the best purchase, try to keep in mind some of the following tips when shopping for patio furniture.

Patio furniture buying guide for beginners

Measure the available space

56576uiyturyIf you don’t want to end up with furniture that doesn’t fit, make sure to measure the available space your patio offers. Consider the shape and the size of your patio, so as to accurately determine the size and shape of the furniture. When taking measurements, don’t forget to leave some free space around the furniture, to ensure some room for walking and maneuvering around.

If your patio is rather small, consider purchasing a bar table set, along with stools, instead of a regular dining set with chairs. If you want something a bit more exciting, buy a bistro or a cafe table.

Pay attention to the weather

Do you live in an area where it rains a lot? Or somewhere hot and dry? Or perhaps near the coast? These are just some of the important questions you should answer before making your choice. Keep in mind that strong winds and gales can send aluminum furniture pieces flying. Most types of wood will not survive hot, dry conditions and will most likely crack and splinter. Finally, wicker furniture will surely succumb to moisture.

Consider the purpose

You should also know the primary purpose of your patio. Are you going to use it for lounging? For making barbecue dinners with your family? Or maybe entertaining large numbers of guests? Whatever your intentions are, you will find a wide range of furniture options at your disposal. These options will range from full-sized dining tables and sofas to hammocks and single bar stools.

The durability

Regardless of its style and purpose, patio furniture should be durable, easy to maintain, and with a long lifespan. For that matter, make sure to focus on the furniture that features comfortable, all-weather fabrics, fade-resistant finishes, and quality materials.

Furniture placement

To find the most appropriate outdoor furniture, you will also have to answer some of the following questions: Do you have an overhead covering, or is your patio fully exposed? Will the furniture rest on a hard surface or soft ground? By answering these questions, you will choose the furniture much more easily, and fit it perfectly with your surroundings.3546yuyutyrt

The colors

Various color schemes will offer you a lot of artistic freedom when it comes to customizing your patio. When choosing furniture colors, try not to limit your options to the natural shades of wood or some metallic colors. Instead, try to experiment. If you are looking for something exciting, try bold reds, yellow, or bright blues. However, if you constantly change your styles, go with more neutral colors.

Guide To Buying The Perfect Pair Running Shoes

435678i65yrRunning shoes can be the most difficult type of shoes to buy especially if you have no skills to do so. Many runners invest in running shoes that are more comfortable, but when it comes to running, so many different aspects have to fall in place. In this article, we shall briefly give you a guide to buying the perfect pair running shoes.

Running shoes buying tips

Determine the type of shoes to buy

45676trterwOne of the most important elements in buying the best kind of running shoes is the kind of your running shoes and how they feel on your feet. To every runner, whether long distance or short distance runners the type of shoe they run with matters more than anything. Key points are; make sure the shoe is flat, the shoe fits comfortably in such a way that it does not feel too tight nor too big and does not hurt your feet. Another important thing is to make sure the shoe perfectly blends in with your feet. One way to determine that is to get a feet specialist to check your feet contours, arches so that when you finally buy a shoe, it fits you comfortably.

Buy shoes depending on the terrain of the running area

Shoes are made different. First, there are shoes that are specially made for a rough terrain, and some are good for the pavement, sidewalks or on the road. Therefore, choose shoes accordingly. If your terrain is rough, get flat shoes that offer traction, support, cushion and a lot of grips to prevent falls and even injuries when running. If you are running on a sidewalk or court, some of these features in your shoes may not be necessary except comfort and cushion.

Try your shoes first before buying

One thing every runner should keep in mind is that not all shoes fit by just looking at them, some shoes have to be tried before being used on the running field. This helps to check for quality, rule out discomforts and other minor things which could render the shoe either fit or unfit for use. Many shoe stores give buyers the opportunity to try and even perform a test run with the shoes before buying them. So, this should be an opportunity for you not to go home with shoes that are not worthy your time and your cash. Therefore, make good use of the opportunity and get yourself a good pair of running shoes.343567uytd

When buying running shoes, you have to be careful. One thing you should be cautious when buying shoes are not only how the shoe fits, the size and all that, quality and the design of the shoes also matter. Make sure that you buy the right quality of shoes from a trusted brand. Buy shoes that will last and will not embarrass you the first few days. It is fatal to go out running with shoes that are most likely to split open anytime causing possible injuries to your feet. Therefore, get yourself shoes that guarantee you long service irrespective of the price. All in all, it all depends on you. We put more emphasis on quality, the right fit and comfort no matter what. Never go for high heels, ill-fitting shoes or running shoes that are poor in quality.

Banter Records

BODDICKER | Big Lionhearted and the Gallant Man out now!


Big Lionhearted and the Gallant Man
At 16 years old, Caleb Boddicker recorded a 22-track demo in the bedroom of his parent’s house in Mississippi. He was a sophomore in high school at the time and sold the demo online as a means of funding his future college education. He managed to sell over 1000 copies to fans that were lucky enough to stumble across that gem of a record. In October of 2006, Boddicker entered Engine Studios in Chicago for a 3-week recording session. The result is nothing short of a masterpiece. Boddicker’s gift of writing simple, yet powerful songs, combined with Brian Deck’s (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) production brilliance, culminated into a mind-blowing piece of work. The songs bounce from genre to genre, providing a glimpse into Boddicker’s erratic perception of the world.

The Antiques

Nicknames and Natives
The Antiques’ newest album, Cicadas, was produced by Scott Solter (Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, Two Gallants) this past June at Solter’s home studio in rural North Carolina. This new record also brought about some changes for the band themselves as they parted ways with long-time drummer Chris Good and added lead guitarist Ryan Crego, whose Isaac Brock-esque flair along with Solter’s exotic instrument collection and encouragement of experimentation led to a modern classic rock album which sees The Antiques shed their skin and emerge as a truly great rock and roll band for the ages.




Calico Horse (formerly The Clock Work Army)
A Catalyst For Change
With the new lineup, the lengthy studio sessions, and the metamorphosis of Emily’s song writing, it seems only fitting that The Clock Work Army was laid to rest. What started as the Clock Work sessions at Pall Jenkins studio became Calico Horse, and it makes perfect sense. Emily has grown and so has her sound. And with the help of seasoned musicians rounding out the Calico Horse lineup, only good things can happen in the future. Following the May 2008 release of the Calico Horse album, we’ll see them hit the road and win over fans with a nationwide tour. Without even the release of an album, they are already building relationships with bands and venues, opening for indie behemoths Helio Sequence, Yeasayer, MGMT, The Black Heart Procession, Dead Meadow, and Beach House, which will no doubt make the monumental scope of a national tour seem a bit more manageable.

Banter Records is looking for interns of all levels and backgrounds. Fill out this application to apply!
Apologies to those in the LA area that were planning on seeing The Antiques at Silverlake Lounge on the 20th. That show has been cancelled (for good reason!) because the guys will be in SF for the final mixing of their upcoming record Season to Season Recordings, Volume I.

Live updates! Check out the shows page for upcoming shows with such greats as Helio Sequence and Dead Meadow! Also a big thanks to all those who made it out to the Calico show with Yeasayer and MGMT, what a great night it was!